A Problem I Solved On My Own

The door shut softly as I looked at the two pairs of eyes staring at me. “Um… You guys want to play Mario Brothers?” I asked nervously. The boys shrieked and sprinted to my room. “Oh great” I mumbled. My parents left me with two monsters while they went shopping. From past experiences I know that they’ll take centuries. Thoughts of how this could go very wrong raced through my mind.

The controller of the Wii seemed to shake in my hands as the theme song played. We competitively played for what it seemed to be hours, but of course I had to let them win. All of a sudden, the one thing I never wanted to happen just happened.

“Hey! Stop it Bray Bray!” Asher yelled and swung at him. Smack! That had to sting. My mind raced as fast as it could, looking for something to say. I went with my guts and said “Hey! Stop it Asher, if you do it again I’ll put you in time out!”. “No sissy, you’re being mean!” Asher screamed. I immediately stood up, snatched him and carried him over to where I was sitting. He started to bawl as I put him down. The guilt was too much to bear, and I soon felt like I was the monster.

“Look… I’m sorry Asher, but can you be nice to Braylon?” I asked. “Yea..” He answered looking at Braylon, who stared back with tears in his eyes. I hugged Asher who sat for not even a second and pushed me away. “Alright.” I said and let him sit next to Braylon. Asher might have been awful to Braylon, but that doesn’t mean that I need to be just as terrible. We should’ve just been nice with each other.

A Baby Shower to Remember

As I stepped into the church cafeteria I only saw a huge amount of emptyness. We only had a limited time to get the baby shower ready. As we entered the kitchen I hung up my dark blue dress with rinestones and this white pattern on it. It was torn a little bit in the back but nobody could notice it. We set down our drinks and snack that we had bought from a nearby gas station. My mom and my grandma headed out of the kitchen to put the tables up just when my aunt (who we are not throwing the shower for) showed up, with my uncle and cousin. ” please let there be another kid my age to stay with me!” I thought to myself. We all put out the tables it was a little hard to fold up the tables we had to have my cousin and my uncle help us a bit. I helped put out the table cloth… that didn’t really turn out well. My mother put out the the deserts which were pretzels with blue icing,popcorn,brownies,strawberries and grapes. Next we set up lunch. We had a picnic themed shower so we had sandwiches,pasta,tea,lemonade and salads. at the welcome table my aunt forgot to bring pictures so we had empty frames! After we were done we got dressed and i tried so hard to stay off my phone. I wanted someone to talk to ,but after the shower while we cleaned up I realized I had fun and realized that some things take teamwork to accomplish. 

President Poem

he went to Kinderhook Academy and graduated in 1796

he was born in December 5,1782

nickname was Little Magician and

 The Red Fox

Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Ruin

he was called after presidency

the eighth president who loved rich food

Democratic Party president for a term, senator and governor

From 2013 to 2014

Last year was a pretty good year. There were ups and downs but I remember a lot from 2013. I remember that I finished Pokemon Y…but it wasn’t a big event. It was released that year and so I finished it in the same year. I have never finished a game in the same year as I received it or the same year the game was released. It did take me a while to get to the end though…ugh! It was a lot of fun and I picked Fennickan as my starter because it looked like a fox with a bunch of cuteness around its face. I enjoyed so much going to all of this gyms in the game. I remember one gym that I was stuck on was like the previous gym and it looked like a rock type gym. My Fennickan evolved, it was renamed and it ended up being my strongest even though I lost about 20 times. As always, all fun things must come to an end. Another big event last year was my little brothers 1st birthday party. It was pretty awesome! My cousins we’re there and we had a big water slide. It was so much fun. I also has a birthday party last year that I think was a big event because of all the fun stuff we did. I was also big because I turned 10 years old. My mom took me and my friends to the nail salon for manicures. I got neon orange and green polish on my nails. We also played mini golf and spent hours at the arcade. There was no one else  there but my friends and I so we had all the games to ourselves. Then we came back to my house for cupcakes and ice cream. We went fishing and made music videos. It was my best birthday yet!

This year will be another great year for me because there is a lot to look forward to. My goals include working on my patience, especially with my two little brothers. I would also like to work on finishing all levels of my favorite video games. It is hard trying to finish them because it takes me a long time just to get through a single battle. Something I need to stop doing is leaving my room so messy. I really need to work on cleaning my room more often so I can find my stuff easier. One thing I would like to learn about this year is different kinds of animals. For example, tigers, giraffes, and bears just to name a few. Finally, I would like to read the following books in 2014; Cat Warriors, Hunger Games, Pokemon, and The Narnia Chronicles. These books are all pretty different but interesting to me in their own ways. If I can accomplish these goals, 2014 will be awesome!

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was attacked at 8:00 am,on Saturday 12/7/41

Even when we were at peace with Japan they still attacked

And the war was and started World War 2

Realize that this was a big war

Location:primarily Pearl Harbor,Hawaii Territory United States


Heros of pearl Harbor are Doris Miller,Ken Taylor,Ben Affleck

Arizona,Reid,Narawhal,Turkey,and Pheonix are battleships

Result:Japanese major tactical victory

Believe me a lot of people died and the Arizona became a memorial

Our president Roosevelt named Dec. 7 A Date That Will Live Infamy

Really it shocked  people about the attack



Landed in Cape Cod

Yes it’s real

Men,women,and children went on the trip

Only one problem,the storm

U celebrate Thanksgiving cause of them

They learned from the Native Americans

Holland is were they move

I would have chosen Plymouth because,1.let’s get one thing straight,I am a GIRL,and only men,rich men went to Jamestown.2.the fact that I would get to celebrate Thanksgiving for 3 days!Now I want some turkey…….3.I would like to worship God with them,oh and Jesus,can’t forget Jesus!4.I don’t want to randomly die,I know some,a lot of people died,but the whole colony!Wow,Jamestown was very unlucky.Well I need to go now bye!

Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette

A few days ago Henry Hudson,his son,and a couple of others have misteriously disapeared. We’ve interviewed a couple of witnesses of this horrible news. 1. “Sharks,I mean they were surrounded by water sitting in a boat without oars”said the first witness. 2. “Died of old age”said another.3.”Hunger and thirst”said the third witness.4.Drowned,becuase they probably tried to swim home and drowned.So there you have it we took four witnesses interviewed them and told you.I got this image at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Hudson